Since the beginning of time, the world has been continuously changing and evolving with the power of innovative minds, the constant discovery of new technologies, and the desire for a better quality of life.

Who would have thought that the internet would one day become such a fundamental part of our lives? Some people did, indeed, foresee this, and worked towards creating this amazing network that connects the entire world instantaneously.

Today, with blockchain technology, another big change stands before us. Some may be unable to comprehend how the world can transform thanks to this new technology, but other minds anticipate and work towards the implementation and utilisation of what the future has in store for us. BIG, the Blockchain Industry Group, has a clear vision of what we can expect in the years to come.

Our team at BlockChats is proud to present our new partner, BIG, a non-profit organisation that aims to help promote the use of blockchain technology through publicity and collaboration with their community.

BIG shares our conviction that blockchain technology will help to make our society more active and bring improvements which will help the world advance towards more vibrant lifestyles. Blockchain technology may be the next BIG change in the world and, just like us, the Blockchain Industry Group, too, firmly believes that this technology can help governments and businesses amongst others reach new levels and become more effective and responsive in their services and operations.

ICOs present a revolutionary way to raise funds for projects, protect investors, help new startups and even promote established businesses. Although speculation regarding new regulation is always a topic, the world as a whole appears to be embracing these new technologies and this new way of doing business.

After all, years ago, we never thought that we would walk around with 200 hours of music fitted into our pockets… And then “someone” invented the iPod.

We are very much looking forward to our collaboration with BIG Blockchain Industry Group and we know that BIG things are awaiting all of us!


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