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I know what you are thinking “You work in digital marketing? Ok so you just chill all day long!”. Wrong. This would be like saying “Oh you work in crypto, so you are scammer!”, no I’m not, thank you very much.

Marketing is a very popular career choice and there are many agencies around looking for candidates covering various marketing roles.
However, marketing is a vast field just like the crypto world! I’ve come to the conclusion that many don’t fully understand the variety of roles in Marketing and how many different shades of work there is to be done. This is even more true when it involves the crypto world.

The commonplace for all marketers (together with not doing anything all day) is that we sit in front of the computer 8 to 10 hours per day. Well that’s not entirely wrong. Digital marketing has become an essential part of the daily life of any business.
It’s basically impossible for us today to live without websites and social media channels in our private life and it’s even more impossible for a business not to have a presence in the online world.

What is the first thing we do when we hear a name? We google it. And if nothing pops up in the search results? “Oh they must be some losers/scammers/nobodies” this is what the majority of people thinks today, and this is only in regards of normal businesses. Now let’s think about the reputation that the crypto industry has in the average audience and we suddenly see how much important these communication channels are.

As a crypto marketer, my day starts very early in the morning and I’m not gonna stay here and list all that I do from 6am when my work day starts to 10pm when my work day ends, that would be too tedious and it’s not really that interesting. But what I’m going to share with you, is how much marketing has allowed me to meet new people and new cultures.

First of all, yes, I spend a lot of time on my computer, and on my phone, and on my social media channels, but I’m not slacking all day. As a marketer, it’s my job not just to update social profiles and write blogs, but most of all, a huge part of what I do is keep connections. Keeping your audience engaged is very important because in the end, it’s who you are talking to. If you lose their attention, then who is going to listen to you?

The other nice thing about being a marketer and working in the digital world is that you are not confined by the borders of a nation. Digital is worldwide! I’ve met and became friends with people from across the globe, hours and hours away from where I’m staying. And this brings me to the second thing that I love: Travel.
Being a marketer allowed me to travel and discover new cultures, and being a crypto marketer allowed me to dive deeper in the blockchain industry and discover a new side of the digital world.
Just like when you meet new friends from across the globe, the blockchain allows us to have various nodes around the world and scatter our information in a secure way all around.

But being a marketer is not just putting your head into your computer screen, and our offline presence is as important as the online one. As a marketer you need to be constantly updated on the latest technology and on the latest connections. Just like you have to keep your online audience engaged, you have to keep your offline connections alive. Networking is the base of a good marketer and going to events is a huge part of my weekly life. This is even more true for the crypto world, where it’s fundamental to show your face.

We live in a world where it’s easy to hide behind a screen and it’s easy to assume that everyone is a bad guy, ready to scam you at the first chance they get. That’s why it has become essential for anyone to put their own face on the line and show everyone who we really are.

Being a marketer is fun and yes there are a lot of moments where you are “forced” to surf youtube to look for kittens… ahem I meant blockchain news~

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Europe Executive

I’ve just turned 32, and my name is Erika, with a ‘K’. I’ve always loved communication, both in its digital and traditional forms. Everyday relationships, work partnerships, and even simply contacting someone else, all of this is communication.

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