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Blockchain technology builds on collaboration, partnership, and friendship. In this young yet fast-growing space, BlockChats seeks to be the point of contact for everyone that is or wants to get involved. With events, collaborations, marketing, and news and contents we aim to help answer your questions and get you involved. We invite you to be part of a community that openly and warmly supports each other and constantly seeks opportunities to team up.
Join events or join the conversation – we look forward to having you.

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the Chance

We wish to change the concept of social and professional inclusion. BlockChats gives a stage to those that have a voice – we don’t care about your experience or education. We don’t care about your age. We don’t care about your language, or about your records. We only care about your message and pursuit.

the Community

We are inspired by the open, autonomous, cross-border thinking of the blockchain space. If you can find a partner in work or in life within our community, we have achieved more than we could dream of. BlockChats hosts networking sessions and match-making events, and provides an online platform for enthusiasts as well as newbies to get and stay in touch.

the Challenge

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency are praised as much as they are demonised, but where do you stand? We encourage our community to meet every concept and every project with open and critical minds. We host panels and Q&A sessions, we engage in conversation, and we want makers and consumers to learn from one another.

the Good Cause

Blockchain has the power to lift humanity to a new level. We support the mission of using blockchain technology to solve problems and improve life within our society and in our environment – because it can. Together with our closest partners, we seek to spread messages such as those of social and financial inclusion, access to education, health, and environment protection around the globe.

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The New Technology and Blockchain space is moved, improved, and raised by great minds, individuals and partners that shape strong ideas into promising startups. Unfortunately, with official institutions yet to fully understand and determine how to handle blockchain technology, new business ideas are those that suffer the most. Promoting your project is becoming increasingly harder through bans and restrictions.​
BlockChats gives you a stage, an immediate way to pitch to an interested community made up of investors, entrepreneurs, founders, business owners, developers, traders, and more. We help you reach your target group through our channels and newsletters, and we support you in setting up direct connections to individuals or companies that may be beneficial to the growth of your project.

Blockchain + Fintech Companies

You are among the early adopters, and you have come a long way establishing a business in this new field of technology. The blockchain space builds on mutual support and partnership, a sure way to grow the global community and engage more people to become active.
BlockChats helps you conceptualise an event or a series of events under your brand. If you need speakers, we arrange speakers that can talk about topics relevant to your values. We support the promotion of your brand and your news through our channels and list you as our official partner, and we help connect you to the people that may be able to support you even further.

Experts and Beginners

When even big global players and governments struggle to get a hold on blockchain technology, how can you become a part of this space? We all start somewhere. A phrase that is often used in the world of blockchain is that “nobody is an expert” – and we believe that, too. This space is growing fast and needs to clear hurdle after hurdle.
BlockChats gives you an access point – join our events, meet the community online or in real life, ask your questions, learn during fun get-togethers, meet possible job opportunities, partners, or investments.


Our community wants to know about new developments, ideas, visions, and opportunities. Do you have a topic you want to talk about, a speech you want to share? We are happy to invite you, and we can’t wait to find out how we can work together.

Content Creators

Do you want to share your content on the topic of blockchain technology? Be it written, drawn, or recorded – we are looking for you. Be one of our contributors!

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What we do

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