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Originally form the land of bread and beer and long confusing words, today I am a homeless tech evangelist, or digital nomad, whichever term you prefer.

My work in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space is very much community-focussed; especially in its infancy, a disruptive industry thrives on the power and passion of its community, its first and loyal believers – and stands no chance of survival without them.

Bitcoin’s core concept builds on the capability of a community of equals – the more participants there are in a decentralised network, the more reliable and stronger it becomes. And this character can be felt throughout the community. My aim is to contribute to this spirit and help build bridges between individuals and communities, spread the word, raise awareness, and support education and empowerment.

At the moment, you can find me predominantly in Southeast Asia. Drop me a message on Instagram if you want to collaborate.

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I’ve just turned 32, and my name is Erika, with a ‘K’. I want to make sure that you all know this. I’ve always loved communication, both in its digital and traditional forms. I love to uncover new aspects of it every day. I love getting to know what I’m strong at and what I’m weak at, to always improve myself. After all, everything is based on communication. Everyday relationships, work partnerships, and even simply contacting someone else, all of this is communication. I always want to know more and I think that this desire is the base for everything.

In 2011, I joined GACKT Italia, the source of my inspiration and great love. From there, my love for Japan grew stronger, and this led me to the creation of Japan Italy Bridge, which is, as its name implies, a bridge between Italy and Japan.

My travels, the people who I meet, they always present me with something new and they give me the assurance that I have chosen the right path, that I should continue on. BlockChats Europe allows me to walk standing tall and feeling proud to bring my strength and determination to the people, with the people.
This is communication, this the ability to communicate.

Are you ready? I know that I am. This is just the beginning, but we have great ideas. Are you ready to join us?

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The more I go on, the more I realize I’ve always been right.
I believe in my dreams and I’m proud of it. I work for my own satisfaction, to build something important and I am happy about it.
Transforming passion into work is my mission.

I did this in 2011 when I created GACKT Italia on the night of my birthday. In 2017, I joined a wonderful project called Japan Italy Bridge.
After this, I have never feared going forward, because I understand my passion and the people who walk by my side. In reality, I keep building things while being appreciative of the people close to me every day; these people who work with me fearlessly, who are moved with enthusiasm and smiles.

I am Angela Antenucci, a daughter of a different part of Italy. I am 40 years old and I know that things only happen if you really want them, if you truly have the determination for them. With this, I have been given the honor of bringing forward the European branch of the brilliant and explosive project that is BlockChats. I’m happy to have the opportunity to do this! I’m happy that I can make this known to the world! I’m happy, and I can say it!

I’m Angela Antenucci, but you can just call me Angie.

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BlockChats *insert your city*

Be an event planner, a meetup designer, a concept creator, a connection maker, and grow the blockchain space. Bring BlockChats to your home and run your own community.

Our team members are scattered all around the world and steadily growing and coordinating their regional communities, bringing in new ideas, finding partners and opportunities, and constantly involved in the process of conceptualising, creating, growing, and completing everything from articles over events to long-term collaborations.

At the same time, we work together closely, build roadshows and event series, advise and support each other, cross-promote and work towards connecting one global community.

Join the BlockChats family and grow a community in your city. BlockChats *insert your city*

Upon submitting your information, our team will contact you to talk with you about your motivation, what you like to do, what you can imagine doing, as well as about the details of setting up and running BlockChats in your city.