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BlockChats aims to bring blockchain education and innovation to our middle and collaborate with passionate forward-thinkers and curious visionaries. Through different, creative approaches, we aim to give a stage to young entrepreneurs, established brands, startups, founders, speakers, PR agencies, media representatives, and more professionals and soon-to-be professionals in the field.
Our focus lies on long-term partnerships in which we try to support our partners where we can – please see below for a little insight into how we want to support you.

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Blockchain Startups

We are moving within a funny space. To the “real world”, blockchain is still far too new and alien to engage with. It is fairly difficult to gain attention from the broad masses. Within the blockchain space, as the founder of a startup or the developer of an ICO, by now you are one amongst many. This circumstance, paired with constant changes in regulation and bans implemented by large organisations, makes it increasingly hard for young entrepreneurs to promote and grow their projects.
Blockchats aims to step in at this point and support you by designing a plan tailored exactly to your needs and objectives. We are happy to accompany you through the different stages of your company and contribute to your growth.

Our services include:

  • creative event organisation in several Asian countries (e.g. banquets, contests, exhibitions, workshops, webinars etc.)
  • global speaker slot arrangements
  • presentation + speech preparation and, if desired, execution
  • direct connection with possible partners and investors
  • article placements

PR Agencies + Media Outlets

If you have committed your work to supporting startups, ICOs, and other companies in Blockchain and Fintech and are looking for regional collaboration to bring your portfolio brands around the world, we are happy to assist. While your clients may be looking for international exposure, you obviously cannot be everywhere at the same time. As your local partner in several destinations, we will love to take some of that load off your shoulders.

Our services include:

  • support in global roadshow setups – enhancements
  • international speaker slot arrangements
  • presentation + speech preparation and, if desired, execution
  • onsite support (e.g. hotel room arrangements, help in lost-in-translation-situations)
  • regional media accreditation efforts
  • article placements

Established Companies + Associations

Is your company active in the Blockchain and / or Fintech industry and looking to gain exposure or create some buzz? Have you already established a presence in your industry and are looking to tap into Blockchain?
Whether it be the connection to business professionals or innovative event ideas, we will be happy to support you in your pursuit.

Our services include:

  • conceptualisation of events according to your requirements and wishes (e.g. banquets, contests, exhibitions, workshops, webinars etc.)
  • connection to business professionals such as developers, translators, White Paper authors etc.
  • presentation + speech preparation and, if desired, execution
  • article placements

Regional + Global Event Communities

We do not believe in unnecessary rivalry. Blockchain and Fintech are growing spaces in need of our support and effort. If we pursue similar goals, we can as well work together and create something great with each other. Do you run an event community? Do not hesitate to get in touch!

Our services include:

  • online + offline promotion of your events
  • speaker + sponsor referral
  • partner events between your community and BlockChats
  • media accreditation for your events
  • article placements about your community
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designed to your individual needs and wishes

within the BlockChats network and at occasions around the globe

via BlockChats and partner channels

Let us connect you with communities around the world

because we value our partners and want to see them succeed

Everybody’s dreams are different – we support your personal path in life

we are not magicians, but working on it

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