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BlockChats x Glitzkoin

As we continue to pursue our partnership with Glitzkoin, we are happy to report on our collaboration event with Glitzkoin and SPINDLE in the elegant setting of the Peninsula Manila on 21 June, 2018.

Officially introducing the BlockChats Blockchain Dinner to the Philippines, we welcomed about 120 business professionals, high net-worth individuals, entrepreneurs, developers, and blockchain enthusiasts to a banquet and delectable buffet. We were especially delighted to greet a colourful, international group of participants – blockchain is global, and luckily, that becomes clearer and clearer, wherever you go.

Navneet Goenka, CEO of Glitzkoin and speaker at the event, took over from his father two decades ago and has since developed the family business into a global empire of fashion and jewellery; besides listing Goenka Diamond and Jewels Ltd. on one of India’s largest stock exchanges, his jewellery brand CERES is also the official crown sponsor for Malaysia’s Beauty Pageant. His brands are represented by outlets all around the world, and with Glitzkoin, Navneet Goenka and his team are joining the future-oriented world of blockchain technology and aim to build the connection between the traditional diamond industry and the innovative nature of cryptocurrency.

The dinner guests listened attentively and asked many questions as Navneet talked about the concept behind Glitzkoin – the establishment of a decentralised exchange that is to bring transparency into diamond trading.
On 25 June, Glitzkoin successfully completed their crowdsale, with the project now moving into the final stages of development.

​Second speaker of the night was Lina Seiche who is not only the founder of BlockChats, but also PR Manager and Evangelist for SPINDLE, one of the major blockchain projects originating in Japan.

After concluding an ICO on 15 May this year, development is in high gear at SPINDLE – later this year, the prototype of ZETA is to be released. ZETA is an investment and asset management platform that seeks to bring transparency, convenience, and confidence into the process and make investment and actual option for everyone.

At this point, investment is very much a privilege to the wealthy and a term heavy with exclusiveness. SPINDLE’s team has committed itself to the concept of financial inclusion – a utopian idea for centuries that is suddenly becoming a big topic in our society thanks to cryptocurrency. Those who are convinced to pursue their goals should have the option to do exactly that, which is what SPINDLE and ZETA aim to support.

Every time we come to the Philippines, BlockChats is amazed at the openness and the passion to learn and connect within the community. We hope to have many more great events in the future and introduce global blockchain projects, discuss interesting topics, conduct workshops for all experience levels, and much more.

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Photos from the event in Kuala Lumpur

Photos from the event in Manila