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What we are looking for

BlockChats is a Blockchain and Fintech education-oriented event and lifestyle community currently active in Malaysia, the Philippines, and Japan. In this young yet fast-growing space, BlockChats seeks to be the point of contact for everyone that is or wants to get involved. With events, collaborations, marketing, and news and contents we aim to help answer your questions and get you involved. We invite you to be part of a community that openly and warmly supports each other and constantly seeks opportunities to team up.
We believe that there is little more exciting to your work life than experiencing the growth process of an idea, from a vision to a concept to the final real thing, first-hand. As you face challenges and clear hurdles, develop strategies and design your signature, you grow into the best version of yourself.

And we believe that right now, there surely is no better place to create something than the rapidly evolving, incredibly colourful blockchain space.

Executive Assistant


  • Part Time
  • RM 20 /hour
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | Manila, Philippines | Milan, Italy | Frankfurt, Germany

Job Responsibilities

  • Gather experience in the blockchain space by working hand-in-hand with a global community.
  • We will directly engage you in the daily work scope that comes with organising events, online and offline PR, social media management, investor relations, media communication, community management, and startup support.
  • You will work alongside the founder of BlockChats in a direct exchange and be responsible for public as well as private tasks in keeping the daily work structured.
  • You can take part in the conceptualisation of events and services and add your own edge to BlockChats now and in the future.

Job Requirements

  • while preferred, no prior knowledge of blockchain technology is needed. However, we will require you to be open to learning and educating yourself as you work with us.
  • an open mind and eagerness to be creative, challenge new tasks, and think outside the box
  • excellent organisation and planning skills
  • fluent English skills in speech and writing
  • advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office applications
  • while preferred, no prior knowledge of wordpress is needed. However, we will require you to be open to learning and educating yourself as you work with us.

Minimum Level Of Education Required

High School Diploma

Write for BlockChats

We are looking for writers – in one of our event locations and all over the world. Do you have a topic you want to talk about? A project or brand you want to present? An interview you want to conduct? We give you a platform to publish your contents and will promote you and your work to our community and the web.

We are looking for

  • columns
  • opinions
  • interviews
  • news
  • event reports​

Community Manager

Be an event planner, a meetup designer, a concept creator, a connection maker, and grow the blockchain space. Bring BlockChats to your home and run your own community.

Our team members are scattered all around the world and steadily growing and coordinating their regional communities, bringing in new ideas, finding partners and opportunities, and constantly involved in the process of conceptualising, creating, growing, and completing everything from articles over events to long-term collaborations.

At the same time, we work together closely, build roadshows and event series, advise and support each other, cross-promote and work towards connecting one global community.

Join the BlockChats family and grow a community in your city. BlockChats *insert your city*