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Blockchain Forum Italia report

Many things have happened in these months. Since we have been part of the Blockchain industry, our world has been… overturned? Changed? Yes, I can say that it is pleasantly changed. We weren’t thinking we could be part of BlockChats and become even a part of the staff. We didn’t think we could have so much in our hands… but it happened and with this much more happened as well.

After a few months, we found ourselves in the organization of the first Italian forum dedicated to Blockchain, the Blockchain Forum Italia. It seemed so strange, only a few months before we were wondering “Can we ever make it?” And suddenly we found ourselves answering questions from people who wanted to know more about the Blockchain (and requests for “recommendation” to enter) and no! We didn’t have to follow a school, we created the school, the three of us, Lina, Erika and me.

But let’s get back to the point. The Blockchain Forum Italia was held in Milan on November 7th 2018, with lots of presences, almost 1,000 tickets sold for what was the first Italian moment completely dedicated to Blockchain and Fintech. The founder Pietro Azzara announced from the stage of the Forum the creation of Italia4Blockchain, the first Italian trade association dedicated to the spreading of Blockchain technology on a large scale which will bring together companies and start-ups with the target of allowing companies to make a system. Wow.

And BlockChats was there.

What can we do? Obviously let’s get to meet the participants! So we also found that many of them were particularly attached to BlockChats! Yes, because BlockChats is known as the bridge and the link between Asia and Europe, the Blockchain bridge. And even more! There was also a workshop completely held by Blockchats in which we spoke explaining why the Blockchain is important and above all because we should all be interested in this topic.
Many beliefs have been undermined, including the one that “Blockchain = Cryptodurrency” And no, it’s not like that. The were many questions and the interest was high. Hey! a few months before we were wondering how to make it and at that time people were asking us for information and even advice.

Should we talk about the speakers on the main stage? They absolutely deserve a mention. Among the many guests we have seen Giuliano D’Ambrosio, founder of Julius Design, who has dealt with the ChatBots phenomenon and the evolution of instant messaging applications, highlighting how fundamental they are to create a community, especially to launch Blockchain-based projects. Techniques to develop a ChatBots Strategy will be shared with the target of involving and profiling the people interested in a specific topic.

Gianluca Dettori, president and founder of dpixel, said that Blockchain is essentially a new IT architecture that allows the new asset class of the economy to be managed in a different way: the data. Internet technology shows ever-increasing problems: security, vulnerability, opacity of processes, creation of new monopolies. The promise of the blockchain is to overturn the current approach by solving these problems and reconfiguring an Internet 2.0.

To mention some other important names, Marco Crotta from Blockchain Caffè, Lucia Quaglia from Binance Italia, Roberto Gorini NOKU Co-Founder, Francesco Piras from BrightNode, Sergio Passariello CEO of Malta Business, Federico Viganò from ICOFenix, the Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan City of Milan Arianna Censi, Giuseppe Zingale, Director of AFOL Metropolitana and the lawyers of Gattai Minoli Agostinelli & Partners, main sponsor of the event, as well as the first Italian study to have set up a fintech taskforce with a great focus on blockchain. Joining the most diverse legal expertise, Emanuela Campari Bernacchi, Andrea Calvi, Licia Garotti, Valentina Lattanzi, professor Marco Ventoruzzo and Marco Galli were attending too.

The names are many, but I don’t think they are difficult to remember, also because they are all people who really want to give something more to this Blockchain world, they are people who really believe in it, just like us. They bring something new, they love what they do, they grow their projects with passion and dedication.

What is not usually said is that with the Blockchain and in particular with the Blockchain Forum Italia, many collaborations were born and also many friendships, at least for what concerns us. I like to underline it, I like to repeat it, I like to say that I met many people only with a smile and a handshake and “What are you doing?” “I’m Angie from BlockChats and …” I was also told “Angie is a beautiful name and it’s hard to forget “but maybe this is not important.

Or maybe yes.

About The Author

Europe Strategist

The more I go on, the more I realize I’ve always been right. I believe in my dreams and I’m proud of it. I work for my own satisfaction, to build something important and I am happy about it. Transforming passion into work is my mission.

Living BlockChats

When someone asks me, “What is it like to work with BlockChats?”, the first answer that pops into my head is that it’s beautiful to wake up everyday, knowing I will get to meet a whole host of people.

The second answer, is how fantastic it that I have a virtual office that is filled with people from all over the world. They aren’t here with my physically, but they are always by my side, every day.

The third answer is that it has given me the opportunity to learn what it means to live in the future. I’ve learned about so many things that exist in this world that we would like to share with everyone because, I swear, they are not scary! Well, that is, unless you fear the future, but that is something inevitable, that needs to be faced. Understanding that, doesn’t it make you want to know more? It’s worth it.

Aside from the above, yet another answer that comes to my mind is that working with BlockChats is the equivalent of knowing and living other realities, other cultures, speaking more languages, seeing the world with new eyes, knowing new places and literally experience them!

Fifth, sixth answer, it doesn’t matter. Actually they were not even in order, I wrote them like this, as they came to my mind. Because being a part of BlockChats is this, and even more. It’s not only simply the learning and teaching of topics in which concern us, but it’s something that must be experienced for yourself, it must be lived for what it can give. I’ve always wanted dedicate all of my passion to working on something great, and my dream was to lead people into the future.

Maybe I’ve always wanted to be the future, but it’s a bit utopian and maybe, pretentious. Okay, remove the maybe.

I have always wanted to live among people, to be a citizen of the world, to bring a smile to the other side of the world whenever I can. My dream has always been to be part of a community that grows bigger and bigger, to invent new things everyday, to create situations where everyone can participate in together, to find the right places to take a picture or shoot a video…

Basically, working with goals.

Some say that I’m a machine. I work with my head down with what I have and what I want to do and it’s true. But I’m a machine with a lot of optimism and scrutiny on what’s waiting for us all.

I’m living in the life of BlockChats and I would like everyone to know what it means. Follow us, open your eyes and watch us.

About The Author

Europe Strategist

The more I go on, the more I realize I’ve always been right. I believe in my dreams and I’m proud of it. I work for my own satisfaction, to build something important and I am happy about it. Transforming passion into work is my mission.