Community Leaders

Be an event planner, a meetup designer, a concept creator, a connection maker, and grow the blockchain space. Bring BlockChats to your home or your location of choice and run your own community.

Our team members are scattered all around the world and steadily growing and coordinating their regional communities, bringing in new ideas, finding partners and opportunities, and constantly involved in the process of conceptualising, creating, growing, and completing everything from articles over events to long-term collaborations.

At the same time, we work together closely, build roadshows and event series, advise and support each other, cross-promote and work towards connecting one global community.

Join the BlockChats family and grow a community in your city. BlockChats *insert your city*

Upon submitting your information, our team will contact you to talk with you about your motivation, what you like to do, what you can imagine doing, as well as about the details of setting up and running BlockChats in your city.