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Join BlockChats at events all around the globe! Browse our upcoming dates and get your free ticket to any event of your choice. If you wish to organise your own event, co-host for lower cost, or join an event as a speaker, please reach out to us here:

Upcoming Events

Blockchain Fair Asia
– 11 October 2018, SMX Convention Center

BlockChats is excited to be an official supporter to Blockchain Fair Asia – Manila Edition on 11 October, 2018.

We are also excited because you can:
Get 75% discount on the regular ticket price simply by using the BlockChats discount link below

Grab your ticket here:

Blockchain Fair Asia 2018 (PH edition) aims to separate realistic promise from uncertain probability as far as blockchain technology is concerned.

As a guest to the conference, you will have the opportunity to analyse undeniable proof of why Blockchain is so much more than a lucrative buzzword. Take your chance to experience first-hand the potential of this ingenious innovation which is pushing the world to the next frontier.

Official Event Page: www.blockchainfairasia.com

Event partners: SmartMesh, IBAF and EventChain

Blockchain & Crypto in Emerging Markets: Path to Global Adoption – 15 October 2018, BlockchainSpace @Acceler8 Makati

Join us for our October chat on the future of Blockchain in emerging markets. This is sure to be an insightful and well-informed discussion with experts from the industry sharing their views on the past, present, and upcoming trends in the space.

If you are a Blockchain enthusiast and would like to learn how you too can be part of the change in our business infrastructure, then you won’t want to miss this panel.

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Past Events

The Crossfire kicks off in Manila!

Hats off to Manila! My first time in Manila started with a shocking revelation: traffic is CRAZY. I’ve always complained about the traffic generated by commuters in Milan, but after seeing how it is in one of the major cities of the Philippines, I understood that what we have is actually not that bad. Being [...]

Gotta catch ’em all – not Pokemon, but Pitches

BlockChats x Memorandum BlockChats is a proud partner to BlockLab, a free conference and exhibition for the empowerment of young entrepreneurs, founders, developers, and talents in Fintech and Blockchain. Well, not really, but not so far off is Geon, a blockchain startup that uses Augmented Reality in order to support organic businesses and B2C as [...]

BlockLab 1.o: Initiative | PARTNER EVENT

BlockChats x Coding Girls Manila x BlockLab BlockChats is a proud partner to BlockLab, a free conference and exhibition for the empowerment of young entrepreneurs, founders, developers, and talents in Fintech and Blockchain. To be held at iACADEMY Nexus, Coding Girls Manila (www.coding-girls.com) is seeking to reach those that are in charge of tomorrow. In [...]

Why the World accepts no Crypto

BlockChats x Yezcoin Big Tech, Big Trouble? Big Tech, Big Trouble? - BlockChats Interactive Blockchain Dinner How far your crypto gets you in real life varies depending on where you live - but chances are that, should all your fiat money vanish today, buying tomorrow's dinner will prove to be a struggle. What is it [...]

Blockchain – and now?

BlockChats x Yezcoin The Future of Crypto and the Crypto Exchange - BlockChats Tea Time Talks Be part of Yezcoin's Airdrop! Just click here to get to the instructions. The Blockchain teens are over - why we should leave the days of rebellion behind and join forces with the authorities. From the Underdog to the [...]

Blockchain Cocktails

BlockChats x Finterra We know your struggle. Networking is the key. Building connections, finding partners, doing great things together. It's one of the strongest weapons in Blockchain - or any industry, so to speak. But we understand that this is not easy. In fact, a networking event can be the most frustrating thing you do [...]

One Dinner, Two Speeches, Three Winners

BlockChats x MLG Blockchain Consulting As much as we enjoy fancy dinners in beautifully arranged hotel settings, there is nothing quite like the laid-back atmosphere of a casual blockchain meet-up at one of the capital’s creative co-working spaces. On 25 June, the BlockChats community came together to welcome a familiar face in Kuala Lumpur’s blockchain [...]

Blockchain Diamonds – Dinner for Investors

BlockChats x Glitzkoin As we continue to pursue our partnership with Glitzkoin, we are happy to report on our collaboration event with Glitzkoin and SPINDLE in the elegant setting of the Peninsula Manila on 21 June, 2018. Officially introducing the BlockChats Blockchain Dinner to the Philippines, we welcomed about 120 business professionals, high net-worth individuals, [...]

Invest! – ICO Pitch Event

We are very happy to have been able to welcome speakers from six global projects at our Kuala Lumpur BlockChats Dinner. The German Fintech company and world’s first batch-driven ICO accelerator program Iconiq Lab brought five startups to present their unique concepts.

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