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Four to five blockchain startups pitch their projects to the audience and a panel of judges – judges that are then going to pitch their own ICOs as well.
Straightforward, honest, fair, and genuine.
Form a connection with your audience, build trust, and earn supporters that will become your true community.
Find projects that are not afraid of criticism, that answer your questions in person, and that listen to your opinion.

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Let’s face it – ICOs are not having the easiest time right now. From image problems over PR bans to regulatory chaos, blockchain startups that try to set up token sales are struggling to showcase their product and win over investors.

One of the biggest issues is trust. The opacity on the market makes it incredibly hard for investors to distinguish between the “good” and the “bad”, and this insecurity leads many to simply not get involved in any of that. The result – startups fail to raise enough capital to develop their projects, and possibly great ideas stay just that – ideas.

BlockChats Crossfire aims to serve as an open platform for the ICO representatives and the audience to meet on an unbiased ground and engage in straightforward conversation. A direct, honest discussion about pros and cons, concepts and products, to build trust and support.

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ICOs & Startups

Register via the form below. We will arrange your slot and additional promotion and help you sort out all other logistics. From there, it is straightforward: you come, you pitch, you face the judges, you lean back, listen to pitches, and judge the others. You engage in an open networking session, fill your tummy with delicious food, and you’re done!


Register via the form below. Look forward to five pitches and discussions, to great networking opportunities, to delicious food, to fun contests, and to an insight into concepts of the future!

Register your startup


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18:30 | Reception – get some food in you, you had a long day

19:00 | Pitching + Judging session

21:00 | Judges’ Panel session

21:30 | Networking – get some food in you again if you like 🙂

January 2019 | 18.30 – 10pm
Milan (exact location to be announced shortly)

food + drinks provided

free entry only with the official confirmation e-mail which you can receive by filling in the RSVP form on this page.

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