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Well, not really, but not so far off is Geon, a blockchain startup that uses Augmented Reality in order to support organic businesses and B2C as well as C2C interactions. By enabling users (such as, for example, a pizzeria) to create real life “Geons” in a location of their choice, incentives can be given to customers to visit a specific venue and earn Geon tokens which can be exchanged for goods, discounts, or other services.

A.I. to our health – Health FX is a widely praised startup that seeks to introduce the clever use of Artificial Intelligence to our healthcare system, by precisely matching its global network of healthcare professionals with consumers based on their specific conditions and requirements.

Aiming to build a one-stop solution for financial market traders, Thinkcoin is in the midst of developing a blockchain-based multi-asset trading network which shall allow its users to trade different assets such as cryptocurrencies, equities, precious metals, or futures, without needing multiple exchange accounts.

The three projects are exclusively brought to KL by Memorandum Capital, an investment company focused on blockchain-based assets which supports its chosen startups in their pursuit for fundraising.

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BlockChats is happy to support the announcement of Memorandum Capital’s pitch session for investors that are looking to meet entrepreneurs and find new projects which may spark their interest.

This event is suitable for experienced investors in the blockchain space that are aware of the risks of investing in cryptocurrencies and ICOs.

Memorandum Capital is a leading investment company focused on Initial Coin Offerings and attracts investment for blockchain startups at the closed pre-sale stages by setting up meetings with investors from Asia, Europe, and North America. Memorandum Capital’s approach is focused on building long-term relationships between investors and startups, which they back with extensive experience in investor relations: team members have brokered deals worth in excess of $4 billion and our partner network is made up of several dozen people from all over the world.