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Bad Guy Blockchain

How to promote your Startup in an Industry with Image Problems A friend gave me a t-shirt, I like it a lot. And I wear it everywhere I go. In the past, my environment couldn’t have cared less about the work I do. “What’s your job, actually?” “I work in the blockchain space.” “Ah okay.” [...]

The Crossfire kicks off in Manila!

Hats off to Manila! My first time in Manila started with a shocking revelation: traffic is CRAZY. I’ve always complained about the traffic generated by commuters in Milan, but after seeing how it is in one of the major cities of the Philippines, I understood that what we have is actually not that bad. Being [...]

Gotta catch ’em all – not Pokemon, but Pitches

BlockChats x Memorandum BlockChats is a proud partner to BlockLab, a free conference and exhibition for the empowerment of young entrepreneurs, founders, developers, and talents in Fintech and Blockchain. Well, not really, but not so far off is Geon, a blockchain startup that uses Augmented Reality in order to support organic businesses and B2C as [...]

Towards new Shores!

BlockChats Europe, let's go! Blockchain and the cryptocurrency industry have finally started to turn into a buzzing topic in Europe. As more and more events are held, more and more people become active and participate. At the same time, a certain curiosity has grown... a curiosity about the future. People are beginning to realise that [...]

The Next Level Community

This week, I returned to Germany from the ASEAN Digital Economy Summit in Bangkok. And I caught a fever literally the moment I touched down in Frankfurt, quickly followed by my inner voice of paranoia, “it’s Cholera, bye bye beautiful world” – and I already envisioned my family going, “we told you so! But you had to travel to the jungle anyway.”[…]

Why the World accepts no Crypto

BlockChats x Yezcoin Big Tech, Big Trouble? Big Tech, Big Trouble? - BlockChats Interactive Blockchain Dinner How far your crypto gets you in real life varies depending on where you live - but chances are that, should all your fiat money vanish today, buying tomorrow's dinner will prove to be a struggle. What is it [...]

Blockchain – and now?

BlockChats x Yezcoin The Future of Crypto and the Crypto Exchange - BlockChats Tea Time Talks Be part of Yezcoin's Airdrop! Just click here to get to the instructions. The Blockchain teens are over - why we should leave the days of rebellion behind and join forces with the authorities. From the Underdog to the [...]

A BIG Partnership

BlockChats x Blockchain Industry Group Since the beginning of time, the world has been continuously changing and evolving with the power of innovative minds, the constant discovery of new technologies, and the desire for a better quality of life. Who would have thought that the internet would one day become such a fundamental part of [...]

Why everyone is a Blockchain expert – but you

The Myth of the Blockchain Consultant You’re not an expert - stop trying to be one. It is not easy doing something new. And beginnings are hard. And before I get into any more standard phrases, I will try to put my point across simply: In Blockchain, much like in the real world, nothing is [...]

Blockchain Cocktails

BlockChats x Finterra We know your struggle. Networking is the key. Building connections, finding partners, doing great things together. It's one of the strongest weapons in Blockchain - or any industry, so to speak. But we understand that this is not easy. In fact, a networking event can be the most frustrating thing you do [...]

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