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A day in the Life of a Crypto Marketer

I know what you are thinking “You work in digital marketing? Ok so you just chill all day long!”. Wrong. This would be like saying “Oh you work in crypto, so you are scammer!”, no I’m not, thank you very much. However, marketing is a vast field just like the crypto world! I’ve come to the conclusion that many don’t fully understand the variety of roles in Marketing and how many different shades of work there is to be done.

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The Scrooges of the future

If we think about money and the economy, we always think about it as something physical, tangible, something we can actually hold in our hands. It’s funny how we have this image of Uncle Scrooge diving into a pool of gold coins, and this, for us, is the apotheosis of money. When 80% of the population (maybe even more) think about money, like I said before, they think of something material, and often cryptocurrencies are still being written off as something malignant, something we should all stay away from. All because it’s not tangible. [...]

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Enter Blockchain episode 2 – Manila edition

After spending some times in Kuala Lumpur, I went back to Manila with my amazing travel buddy, Lina, to hold the Enter Blockchain event in this city. The days in Manila were pretty hectic, however, thanks to our friend Miguel Cuneta, we were able to take a look around town.

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Enter Blockchain episode 1 – Kuala Lumpur edition

Sometimes, when Europeans think about Malaysia, they immediately go “Jungle” or “Sandokan”, but that’s not actually right. I was in Kuala Lumpur as a tourist a couple of years ago, and before that I was only able to look at this city through the eyes of Instagram.

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I’ve just turned 32, and my name is Erika, with a ‘K’. I’ve always loved communication, both in its digital and traditional forms. Everyday relationships, work partnerships, and even simply contacting someone else, all of this is communication.