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Bad Guy Blockchain

How to promote your Startup in an Industry with Image Problems A friend gave me a t-shirt, I like it a lot. And I wear it everywhere I go. In the past, my environment couldn’t have cared less about the work I do. “What’s your job, actually?” “I work in the blockchain space.” “Ah okay.” [...]

The Next Level Community

This week, I returned to Germany from the ASEAN Digital Economy Summit in Bangkok. And I caught a fever literally the moment I touched down in Frankfurt, quickly followed by my inner voice of paranoia, “it’s Cholera, bye bye beautiful world” – and I already envisioned my family going, “we told you so! But you had to travel to the jungle anyway.”[…]

Why everyone is a Blockchain expert – but you

The Myth of the Blockchain Consultant You’re not an expert - stop trying to be one. It is not easy doing something new. And beginnings are hard. And before I get into any more standard phrases, I will try to put my point across simply: In Blockchain, much like in the real world, nothing is [...]

Free the Blockchain!

Education should be priceless. Why we created BlockChats. Blockchain Technology needs its community. If it wasn’t for the meetups, seminars, parties, and group chats teaching and supporting each other, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Obviously. But there is more to this. The Blockchain needs us NOW. The interest is there. We want to [...]


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My name is Lina, I am a blockchain and fintech speaker, chief manager at a Kuala Lumpur Venture Capital and management company, and PR manager for a blockchain-powered asset management platform.

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