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I know what you bought last Summer

Decentralised marketplaces come into today’s e-commerce a bit like Bitcoin would come into a world before any financial crises. We're actually quite comfortable, so why bother? Let's take a look at the proposal of decentralised shopping.

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Hello Crypto Kiddie

How are you doing? Looking a bit tired there. Rough night? You woke up to a Reddit feed full of ironic Bitcoin memes, a WhatsApp inbox full of “funny” gifs from your uncle, your cousin, your brother-in-law, and your old high school friends, and a portfolio that [...]

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The S Word

For newcomers to a young, disruptive industry, but also for those that have been around for a while, as they wander about and wonder about their purpose and place in the space, the people they meet will sort of naturally settle into a number of categories.

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The Next Level Community

This week, I returned to Germany from the ASEAN Digital Economy Summit in Bangkok. And I caught a fever literally the moment I touched down in Frankfurt, quickly followed by my inner voice of paranoia, “it’s Cholera, bye bye beautiful world” – and I already envisioned my family going, “we told you so! But you had to travel to the jungle anyway.”[...]

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The Founder

My name is Lina, I am a blockchain and fintech speaker, chief manager at a Kuala Lumpur Venture Capital and management company, and PR manager for a blockchain-powered asset management platform.