As much as we enjoy fancy dinners in beautifully arranged hotel settings, there is nothing quite like the laid-back atmosphere of a casual blockchain meet-up at one of the capital’s creative co-working spaces. On 25 June, the BlockChats community came together to welcome a familiar face in Kuala Lumpur’s blockchain scene, listen to the golden future opportunities for asset-backed tokens, and finish with a lucky surprise sponsored by an international partner.

Dr. Marcus Voo recently made the daring move of leaving his private clinic and dedicating his work to cryptocurrencies, managing, amongst other projects, a private angel fund and a pool of investors. Not only does he co-own a mining-farm, but with his partners is he currently also developing a cryptocurrency exchange called Invech.

Marcus explained the development process of cryptocurrency exchanges, the hurdles and successes as well as the experiences you would not even think of before actually getting into the business, introducing the East Timor-based exchange Invech along the way. Invech, with strategic partners from Indonesia, Hong Kong, China ,and Malaysia, aims to raise up East Timor, currently a Third World Nation, into the top of Asia’s blockchain countries.

Second speaker of the night was Olga Svyatchenko, COO at GoldMint. The Singapore-based company has successfully completed a public sale in November 2017 and is currently enhancing its global reach by building and enhancing its regional presence. Along with other implementations and developments, GoldMint is the first venture to currently pursue the combination of blockchain technology and pawn shops.

Olga explained in detail about the nature of stable coins or asset-backed tokens – a big topic lately after the occurrence of controversies such as the Tether case. Asset-backed tokens are a strong approach to solving one of Cryptocurrency’s biggest issues of the moment, which is its unstable nature that makes it impossible for cryptocurrencies to fully replace traditional means of payment (buzzword: the 10,000 Bitcoin pizza). Olga talked about GoldMint’s current and future efforts to introduce its gold-backed token MNTP to the global society.

Before the relaxed and open networking session that, to us, is one of the most important, if not the most important part of every event, BlockChats ran a special giveaway – a raffle of TRON tokens, sponsored by the Toronto-based blockchain developing company MLG Blockchain Consulting. Three lucky winners went home by 100 USD richer – each. If that is not a great way to spend your Monday night, you must have had something quite exciting going on that day.

We cannot wait to meet up again!

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