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Shhh- upcoming events that we haven’t announced yet, speaker slot options, presentation spots. Browse through our upcoming opportunities for you to present your company, project, or talk at our locations around the world.

Not your type of event? We got more! Launch your own event, co-sponsor, join a panel, or contribute a speech.

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You pitch, you are judged.
You are pitched, you judge.

BlockChats launches a unique panel of creators: up to five speakers pitch their project to the audience and a panel of judges. Straightforward, honest, fair, and genuine. Meet your community and build an immediate connection on a fair and unbiased ground.

Choose your location, choose your date, let’s go!

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How Entrepreneurs around the World did it

​Enter Blockchain – how you do it in Malaysia is not how you do it in the Philippines, in Germany, or in the US. BlockChats invites a panel of speakers from different countries to an international Blockchain Dinner Panel during which they will talk about how THEY entered Blockchain.

​Meet founders, developers, and entrepreneurs from around the world, ask them all your questions directly, and enjoy an open, laid-back dinner session with our community.

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Join the kickoff edition of BlockChats ChitChat – a talkshow featuring speakers and contributors from different backgrounds and locations, talking about what’s been going on the past month, engaging in passionate debates, sharing videos and ideas, and doing fun activities with the live audience and the online community. Live in your city, and broadcast on Youtube. Secure your slot!