Event Conceptualisation

Blockchain happens online and in reality. There is no better way to meet the community and find your place than to pro-actively engage and connect with the people that share your values.

BlockChats is not a PR agency. We are a community, and together with the community we wish to help coin the image of blockchain technology and spread awareness, education, and opportunities. In doing so, we believe it is important that you give to the community rather than thinking of what you can take from them.

BlockChats events are not meant to primarily promote a brand, but we wish to work together with companies that want to make a change and contribute to the growth of the space.

As our event partner, you will be our co-organiser in an event themed around a topic close to your heart, with value to the community. We will introduce you to the family, and you will have the chance to showcase your project and mission as well as become an active part of the scene.

We work closely with you to develop a theme and agenda that fits your ideas and matches with your brand. Let us handle everything from the announcement over the onsite logistics to the past-coverage. An event unique to your values that not only positions you within the community, but also contributes to the growth of the blockchain space.

Online does not equal webinar – there are many things you can do to catch your community around the globe. Be it a TV-show style setup, an intimate interview in a location of your choice, an online fireside chat, a follow-me-around video, or a live stream with a fun agenda – stand out from the crowd with your genuine and open approach to the online community.

Work with us on an episode of one of our series formats, or create your own and make a name in the community as the official series partner. From Crossfire, an open stage for startup pitches with direct access to discussion, over Enter Blockchain, a format that answers the community’s questions on the topic of starting a career in the space, to BlockChats Edu, a conference to set students around the world up for their work life with one of the most innovative technologies out there. We look forward to working out your personal series with BlockChats.

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