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BlockChats is a proud partner to BlockLab, a free conference and exhibition for the empowerment of young entrepreneurs, founders, developers, and talents in Fintech and Blockchain.

With its kick-off edition BlockLab 1.0: Initiate held at iACADEMY Nexus, Coding Girls Manila (www.coding-girls.com) sought to reach those that are in charge of tomorrow. In the two-day conference, global speakers and exhibitors shared their projects, their stories, and also their struggles and aims, in order to generate awareness and spread education on blockchain technology.

Alenna Dawn

Alenna Dawn is Coding Girls Manila’s team lead and ambassador for education program. She is currently taking up her Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering specialising in entrepreneurship. Her presence in the blockchain space in the Philippines enables her to work closely with different startups in the space. She is currently working on “BlockLab,” a campus roadshow that offers valuable information and education on blockchain technology for the attainment of growing a diverse blockchain community by reaching students. The project includes a series of seminars and workshops aimed at increasing the students’ appreciation of emerging technologies.

Instagram: @dawnofalenna

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Reach out to us for any questions or comments regarding BlockLab that you might have. We will be happy to assist you in connecting to the organisers.