Blockchain and the cryptocurrency industry have finally started to turn into a buzzing topic in Europe. As more and more events are held, more and more people become active and participate. At the same time, a certain curiosity has grown… a curiosity about the future.

People are beginning to realise that we have to look forward to what comes ahead, and that we must open our eyes to global developments and how things are panning out.

What will the world and our lives be like in future?

We cannot prevent the future from knocking on our doorstep and as such, we cannot be unprepared. For our children, for our future, we have to embrace the advent of future technologies and study them.

Everything we possess today was unimaginable just decades ago. Contacting someone on the other side of the globe whenever we like, with a device the size of our palms, jetting across the world in a matter of hours, space travel, all these things were only found in science fiction, and now, they are our reality.

Technology has progressed by leaps and bounds to give us the ability to conveniently talk and see people on different ends of the world with a simple click on our screens. Almost instantaneously, we can get connected.

Now, we ask, what else can technology improve for us in our daily lives? How about being able to travel without a wallet? Without the fear of losing your purse or getting robbed?

The future promises an answer to that and it is already within our grasp.

BlockChats first came into existence in Southeast Asia, by people who want to take the future by it’s reins. We, at BlockChats Europe, have the same mission in this historical continent. Driven by enthusiasm, the desire to learn, the wish to help, and more than happy to accompany you into the future.

It does not matter if we are from different parts of the world for BlockChats intends to help you progress and grow effectively while enjoying this journey with you. With our characteristic smiles and enthusiasm, we’ll bring people together, to facilitate idea exchanges, and provide solutions.

We will venture into the unknown with you, towards the future with the same enthusiasm that we’ve always had. One day, we’ll turn to each other and reminisce

“remember when it was considered unthinkable to head out without a physical wallet?”

Let’s step into the future together!
Angie & Erika


Country Heights Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia

Colony @ KLCC, 6 Jalan Kia Peng, 50450 Kuala Lumpur