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The Myth of the Blockchain Consultant

You’re not an expert – stop trying to be one.

It is not easy doing something new. And beginnings are hard. And before I get into any more standard phrases, I will try to put my point across simply:

In Blockchain, much like in the real world, nothing is as it seems.

My start in the space was sudden, my background completely unrelated, and most people probably didn’t even acknowledge my past as legit education. I jumped in to help out as a speaker, and my first talks saw me present to an audience that knew more about Bitcoin than I did, or at least it felt that way.

More than once I thought,

what am I actually doing here? I don’t belong here.

While this frustration fuelled part of my motivation to quickly change my unfortunate and awkward situation, personally, I think it was the result of unnecessary self-sabotage within the blockchain community.

Our aim at BlockChats is to give a platform to connect, to educate yourself, and to find a way into the world of blockchain. So we often receive questions along the lines of

“how can I get started? I am afraid of missing out on something, but I have no idea how I can join the blockchain space.”

Even if your knowledge reaches no further than “Bitcoin”, you probably understand this space moves fast, and FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) has become a bit of a trend anti-word. But if you try to set foot in the industry, chances are you will shake the hands of lots of blockchain consultants and ICO advisors, and the weight of your wallet will double over a short time period, with bunches of business cards smashed in your face.

I may be making myself some enemies today, so as you read this entry, please keep in mind that I am talking about a certain group of people, not about the general majority of these people. (This is important)
​There are very capable people out there. But they are sharing the space.

Oftentimes, self-proclaimed blockchain and ICO consultants remind me of the blogger phenomenon, or the youtuber / influencer trend that has been going on in recent years.

Being a millennial with a blog about ancient tattoo art, or about cat poo coffee, that’s unique, that sets you apart – maybe you’ve uploaded five entries last year, but you’re a blogger now. Right?

The fact that everyone can start something doesn’t mean everyone is actually competent.

If you begin digging a little deeper and talk to some of the “consultants” you meet, you may be surprised at how many of them haven’t been in the space longer, or much more active, than you. But put “blockchain consultant” on your name card and you’re in the game.

I’m the last person to tell people how to live their lives, and if these things make you happy, this is probably the path you should choose in life. But in fact, it sends a certain message to newcomers and people trying to get acquainted with blockchain, fintech, cryptocurrency, or anything new, so to speak.

‘How can I be like that?’

‘How can I be an expert too?’

And to summarise all that rambling: you cannot be an expert, so stop trying.

Who is that Blockchain Person we are aiming to be?

They have an answer to every question, a deep understanding of the space. They own ten thousand Bitcoin and have never picked a trash ICO. They have hashgraphs for breakfast and are building their own private blockchain on the side, while we normal people are sending e-mail, complaining about Facebook, and swiping around on Tinder.

But here is the big mistake:

In a space that is constantly evolving, and that doesn’t even really know where it stands in terms of society and law, it is impossible to be the expert that we are picturing when we try to register on our first crypto exchange (which probably causes a lot of frustration in itself).

People that have been in the space for a long time will not normally refer to themselves as experts.

If you are in this painful position of trying to find access to blockchain and cryptocurrency, don’t ask yourself how you can achieve it. Ask yourself when you have achieved it. When are you part? When are you not missing out anymore? And then just go for it.

Read, watch, keep your eyes open and yourself updated. Is there a term you don’t understand? Great, open a new search window and look up the meaning of that term. Then go back to the original text.

Become a regular in your local community, talk and listen to people, exchange information, and make connections. Be an early user of interesting services, or an investor in concepts that you feel have potential, at your own scale, your own time.

A good friend and mentor of mine always tells me

“be a sponge. Soak up everything, be humble and think freely.”

Take in information and then form your opinion based on your judgment of different viewpoints.

The more active you get, the more you teach yourself and let others teach you, the more passionate you may become, and the more knowledge you will find yourself absorbing.

And opportunities will come to you – probably more than you could ever grasp. The real blockchain space is an incredibly open and warm community that is happy to welcome you.

I don’t see myself as an advisor on these kinds of things, but if you ask me for my opinion on how to join, even if your past has as much of a connection with blockchain as a potato, this is what I would reply.

Just be there. Be present. Be open. Be part. And you will find you are never missing out anymore.

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My name is Lina, I am a blockchain and fintech speaker, chief manager at a Kuala Lumpur Venture Capital and management company, and PR manager for a blockchain-powered asset management platform.

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