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BlockChats x Yezcoin

Big Tech, Big Trouble?

Big Tech, Big Trouble? – BlockChats Interactive Blockchain Dinner

How far your crypto gets you in real life varies depending on where you live – but chances are that, should all your fiat money vanish today, buying tomorrow’s dinner will prove to be a struggle.

What is it with cryptocurrency that it seems to make payments so much easier, yet Starbucks doesn’t accept Bitcoin yet?

Why is cryptocurrency praised as the money of the future, yet it is so hard to actually GET cryptocurrency?

Which role should cryptocurrency take to fully arrive in our society – the rebel, the anarchist? Or the friend of the government?

The greatest innovation has no meaning if the population cannot use it.

We invite you to join a warm and casual, laid-back dinner session with BlockChats and Yezcoin and five experts that are going to explore with us the possibly biggest challenge in blockchain technology today – mass adoption.

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About the sponsor

Yezcoin Pte. Ltd. is a blockchain company that focuses on providing solutions to allow blockchain companies to comply with Know Your Customers (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) rules. It is difficult for blockchain technology to mature and reach mass adoption. Yezcoin aims to create positive images of blockchain technology so that the blockchain community can gain confidence, trust and support from governments and venture capitals to further mature blockchain technology and its applications.

Yezcoin also seeks to promote human rights through digital identity. There are two billion people who don’t have access to bank accounts and financial services. Blockchain technology can help establish digital identities for these underserved populations and allow them to have access to needed financial services that can improve their lives and their communities.

Yezcoin helps businesses through partnership programs in which businesses can use Yezcoin to increase their sales by rewarding loyal customers with Yezcoin and, at the same time, let customers be part of the Yezcoin’s movement to change the world.

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