After spending some times in Kuala Lumpur, I went back to Manila with my amazing travel buddy, Lina, to hold the Enter Blockchain event in this city.
The days in Manila were pretty hectic, however, thanks to our friend Miguel Cuneta, we were able to take a look around town. From a European point of view, it was almost shocking to see such a different way of living in one city; it was surprising to see how the city changes with just a few meters distance.

What was even more surprising, was once again our Manila community. We can’t believe how involved our audience is there and it was refreshing to see so many people interested in blockchain technology, how the future is evolving and how this industry can help the development of this country.

Enter Blockchain is a concept that we created to let the professionals share their experience with our audience. I come from a background of digital communication and fashion (yes, I’m so Italian, I know) and as a rookie of the space myself, it was amazing to hear these wonderful stories and learn about blockchain from the very own people who made it in this space.

The Blockchain space is so wide and so international that it’s amazing to see how different each and every experience can be and it was very interesting to see how blockchain uses can variate from company to company and country to country.

In a country like the Philippines, blockchain is very much accepted and it’s starting to be adopted in various fields. This industry could actually be used to solve a lot of problems and just like Ivan Kan said during the panel, this is what people want to see:

“People are really trying to solve their every day issues. In San Francisco or LA, everyone is trying to become the next Uber or the next Google, but here it’s really refreshing to see how blockchain companies are trying to find a solution and solve issues that are real and impacting the daily life”

However, being blockchain such a new industry and unfortunately sometimes connected to negativity and scammers, there are many people that are still sceptical about its use. Nonetheless, not all blockchain is bitcoin and not all the projects are here to cheat and fraud, and this is what Alenna Dawn pointed out during the panel:

“People are getting more and more involved even if they are still afraid of all these bad feelings surrounding the blockchain space. However, once they get involved they can see with their own eyes and through their own experience that this could be something bad, but it could also be something good and really great”

What’s also beautiful about the blockchain space is that everyone is so collaborative and opened to suggestions and to different point of views. Everyone is ready to listen and to improve their own knowledge through meetups and other events. Like Rafael Padilla said:

“Many successful startups have born from a simple meetup. The Filipino people are very active and interested in this space so it’s easy to go to meetups and find friends but also someone that could be your next business partner in the future”

However, lately the general public seems to have connected Blockchain with Bitcoin or cryptocurrency in general, which is not exactly right. Like Mark Vernon said:

“We see a lot of people connecting blockchain to cryptocurrency and strictly to financing, but right now what we need is to connect the blockchain space outside the money, so too see more project that will make the general public change their mind about it”

We as BlockChats are also actively looking for new projects with a new take on the blockchain space. This industry has infinite potential and we still have to reach the core of it. The Filipino community has once again surprised us with its amazing love and passion for this topic and we really can’t wait to be back again. We know you didn’t want this event to end (even after 3 hours of talk, and on a Sunday!) so stay tuned because we are going to fill your days and your minds with even more blockchain related fun, promised!

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