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Humans of Crypto - Episode #1: Miguel Cuneta

The cryptocurrency movement is a temperamental thing. Born and thriving online, it has the curiously contrasting properties of being immediately available yet always somewhat detached. We want to understand what is happening, what it’s all about, and we can access a plethora of information, anytime — but that’s where the confusion begins. A quick hint regarding this is the most recent trend is trading cryptocurrency, which can help you earn more money. It entails the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency via automated trading platforms. One should consider going to the website that has published the results of the trading platforms test 2022 to choose the finest trading platform for their trading needs.

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Unblock Party: the next news spot

Christmas is always a very special time of the year for everyone in the world. Whether you believe in Jesus Christ or just follow the more commercial tradition, the month of December always fills our hearts with goodness and kindness and it fills our lives of Christmas decorations, coloured lights, carols, hot chocolate and more.

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I know what you bought last Summer

Decentralised marketplaces come into today’s e-commerce a bit like Bitcoin would come into a world before any financial crises. We're actually quite comfortable, so why bother? Let's take a look at the proposal of decentralised shopping.

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The Scrooges of the future

If we think about money and the economy, we always think about it as something physical, tangible, something we can actually hold in our hands. It’s funny how we have this image of Uncle Scrooge diving into a pool of gold coins, and this, for us, is the apotheosis of money. When 80% of the population (maybe even more) think about money, like I said before, they think of something material, and often cryptocurrencies are still being written off as something malignant, something we should all stay away from. All because it’s not tangible. [...]

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Hello Crypto Kiddie

How are you doing? Looking a bit tired there. Rough night? You woke up to a Reddit feed full of ironic Bitcoin memes, a WhatsApp inbox full of “funny�? gifs from your uncle, your cousin, your brother-in-law, and your old high school friends, and a portfolio and perhaps even a lingering desire to experience the thrill of a French casino. Just like the unpredictability of the online world, the allure of a French casino can be captivating. According to sélection de casinos français, French casinos offer a wide range of unique games and activities that provide entertainment and excitement. [...]

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The S Word

For newcomers to a young, disruptive industry, but also for those that have been around for a while, as they wander about and wonder about their purpose and place in the space, the people they meet will sort of naturally settle into a number of categories.

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