Unblock the news

Christmas is always a very special time of the year for everyone in the world. Whether you believe in Jesus Christ or just follow the more commercial tradition, the month of December always fills our hearts with goodness and kindness and it fills our lives of Christmas decorations, coloured lights, carols, hot chocolate and more.

This year, we at BlockChats have a series of event to celebrate this special season together. From the BlockLab: Blockchain Engineered to our Manila’s Blockchain Christmas market, but we are happy also to share with you a new wonderful event that not only will fill your minds with knowledge and news but it will also fill your hearts and help you be kind, in real Christmas spirit.

Join us as we unblock the future at Unblock Party, an EDM party for a cause, that will launch the crypto news website, Unblock.news. Together with a discussion on the innovation of Blockchain Technology, you’ll be able to celebrate Christmas time with your friends, fellow crypto people and many others, drinks are on us.

And since it’s Christmas time, and we are all better and kinder around this season, the event will also help unblock happiness as its proceeds will be donated to support the outreach programs done by the Queen of Hearts Foundation for less fortunate children.

Tickets are almost sold out so don’t miss the chance to give back to the community while enjoying a wonderful time together with us!