When someone asks me, “What is it like to work with BlockChats?”, the first answer that pops into my head is that it’s beautiful to wake up everyday, knowing I will get to meet a whole host of people.

The second answer, is how fantastic it that I have a virtual office that is filled with people from all over the world. They aren’t here with my physically, but they are always by my side, every day.

The third answer is that it has given me the opportunity to learn what it means to live in the future. I’ve learned about so many things that exist in this world that we would like to share with everyone because, I swear, they are not scary! Well, that is, unless you fear the future, but that is something inevitable, that needs to be faced. Understanding that, doesn’t it make you want to know more? It’s worth it.

Aside from the above, yet another answer that comes to my mind is that working with BlockChats is the equivalent of knowing and living other realities, other cultures, speaking more languages, seeing the world with new eyes, knowing new places and literally experience them!

Fifth, sixth answer, it doesn’t matter. Actually they were not even in order, I wrote them like this, as they came to my mind. Because being a part of BlockChats is this, and even more. It’s not only simply the learning and teaching of topics in which concern us, but it’s something that must be experienced for yourself, it must be lived for what it can give. I’ve always wanted dedicate all of my passion to working on something great, and my dream was to lead people into the future.

Maybe I’ve always wanted to be the future, but it’s a bit utopian and maybe, pretentious. Okay, remove the maybe.

I have always wanted to live among people, to be a citizen of the world, to bring a smile to the other side of the world whenever I can. My dream has always been to be part of a community that grows bigger and bigger, to invent new things everyday, to create situations where everyone can participate in together, to find the right places to take a picture or shoot a video…

Basically, working with goals.

Some say that I’m a machine. I work with my head down with what I have and what I want to do and it’s true. But I’m a machine with a lot of optimism and scrutiny on what’s waiting for us all.

I’m living in the life of BlockChats and I would like everyone to know what it means. Follow us, open your eyes and watch us.

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Europe Strategist

The more I go on, the more I realize I’ve always been right. I believe in my dreams and I’m proud of it. I work for my own satisfaction, to build something important and I am happy about it. Transforming passion into work is my mission.

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