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The CrossFire goes to: Milan, Italy!

After the great success in Manila, the CrossFire series finally lands in Milan!

Four to five blockchain startups pitch their projects to the audience and a panel of judges – judges that are then going to pitch their own ICOs as well.
Straightforward, honest, fair, and genuine.

All the projects will be able to receive an unbiased opinion from our judges; what works and what doesn’t, what are the strong points and what are the weakest ones. Let’s face it, ICOs are not really having the best time right now, and it’s really rare to have the chance to stand in front of personalities of this industry and be able to get their honest feedback.

One of the biggest issues is trust. The opacity on the market makes it incredibly hard for investors and for people to distinguish between the “good” and the “bad”, and this insecurity leads many to simply not get involved in any of that. The result – startups fail to raise enough capital to develop their projects, and possibly great ideas stay just that – ideas.

BlockChats Crossfire aims to serve as an open platform for the ICO representatives and the audience to meet on an unbiased ground and engage in straightforward conversation. A direct, honest discussion about pros and cons, concepts and products, to build trust and support.

We are waiting for you on November 26 in Milan, Italy!

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